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Fire Truck Visit

Fire Department big truck will visit us. What a great experience for the children. We love to be part of the community.

IMG 2553  IMG 2554
The fire truck parks in front of the Aurora Early learning Centre located at 138 Centre St.

Note for the parents: in consideration to the visitors, please, avoid parking your vehicle close to the centre area. If there is still parking spots available in the back of the centre feel free to use them. Take in to account that you might be trapped until the visit ends. We are trying to make this experience as smooth as enjoyable for the children.

All centre staff  will be present and take high security measurements to be precaucious during the activity. Children will have the opportunity to listen and interact with the officers. Children will see how they get on their uniforms, and get as close as they are allowed to all their auxiliary tools.

It is a tremendous experience for the children to learn about the field and feel a direct comfort level with fire fighters and police officers. The children fully engage in the activity loosing the fear and feel the protection that this honorable professionals give us in their every day becoming into our Heroes!

                                                             Fire Truck


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