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SUMMER CAMP (From 3 to 10 years old)

Summer camps are designed for our little ones (Kindergarten and School Age children). We believe that all children have the right to quality care and education in a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment. At Aurora Early Learning Centre we create an environment that facilitates learning opportunities while supporting skill building on a social level, emotional, cognitive and physical development. We maximize the potential of the children’s capabilities. Our program follows the ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today document). Each child is different we encourage them through fun games and a variety of different activities to develop their curiosity as well as a complex thinking.

Teachers will have planned and directed activities during the day. In some occasions this extra-curricular activities are given in small groups that allow teachers and assistants to work more on a “one on one” level to identify the necessities of each child. We provide a day full of fun and learning experiences that keeps your child busy and stimulated so when they go home they can just relax and enjoy with their families the rest of the day. The program is often "themed" based on the children's input. They also contribute to the programming by suggesting activities that they would be interested in doing. The group works together with the Registered Early Childhood Educator to ensure a day filled with adventure. We offer a variety of activities that include, but are not limited to Lego robotics, arts, crafts, creative experiences, cooking activities, co-operative games, dramatic centre and floor toys. Each child has the opportunity to choose his/her own activities based on their interests.

Our programs for PA days, Spring break, Holiday break, and Summer time, are based on child development principles, centering on the concept of interaction and exploration during play as a natural way of learning. As children interact with their peers and explore with the many different materials we provide during those activities they learn how to socialize and share. Children will process and understand easier how things work around them. By having a structure and directed activity children will become more responsible, productive, developing the problem solving aspect making them into more independent individuals and self-regulation. Additional activities are walks (weather permitting) to the splash pad, and other area's within walking distance. We also have special guests come in to provide special interest learning that falls outside the expertise of our staff. Some of those activities are:

  •  Lego experience
  •  Science experiments                                                                                                     
  • Visual art classes weekly
  • Music classes weekly
  • Zumba and stretching
  • Story Time.
  • Robotic workshop weekly, and much more!

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LEGO Mindstorms NXT.jpg Aurora Early Learning Centre is offering workshops using Lego Mindstorm.

LEGO Mindstorms is a simple yet effective robotics program by LEGO Education. Students will learn to use the servos and sensors provided by LEGO Mindstorms to create robots in a wide range of complexity from simple cars to complex machinery. The students will also learn to program and use the soft
ware provided by LEGO Mindstorms to bring their robots to life. Students will create robots that can be controlled by remote or that can even respond to changes in light, motion and sound, making them almost independent. Combining learning and fun while designing robotics creates an amazing experience in a great environment.

Robotic Workshops will run almost every week during all Summer Camp 2019

*Before and after available for additional fees*
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